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Surplus Property

Surplus Property Office

Surplus Property Office is responsible for the disposal and reutilization of all excess University property. The primary method of disposal is through public auctions, which are conducted every month. Since May 2012, bidders are able to participate in University of Missouri auctions either over the internet or in person.

The live and online bidding occurs simultaneously. As the auctioneer is asking for bids from the on-site bidders, the internet bids are displayed in real time. Online bidders compete against the bidders present at the auction site.

By registering on this site, you may take part in the online auctions or in person. From the internet website, the results of previous auctions can be viewed, the upcoming auction lots can be previewed and proxy bids can be submitted prior to the auction.

Click on the REGISTRATION tab to begin. Auctions are held monthly on Wednesdays. Dates are posted at www.surplus.missouri.edu Live auctions are posted beginning at 5:00 p.m. the Friday before each monthly Wednesday auction at the LIVE AUCTIONS tab. Past auctions are viewable also at LIVE AUCTIONS, Past Auctions.

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